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Who are the Primary Target Customers of the Department Stores?

Department stores have been around for more than a century now and they have evolved at every stage of the last century in different forms and manners. The good department stores usually house a wide range of products of different brands making sure almost all the consumers walk in get everything that they want. One of the biggest challenges these stores have faced over a period of decades is competing with the rivals as almost all department stores offer all kinds of products and being one up against your competitors doesn’t remain a simple task in such a situation. Right from offering bargain products to giving seasonal discounts and deals to giving away coupons, these department stores try everything that they can to lure more and more customers. Let us take a look at who the primary target customers of these stores actually are.

  1. Women and Girls: No matter what time we live in it is the women of the house who run the house in most of the families across the world, especially in terms of buying things for house, groceries and daily use products. There are many popular department stores that are motivated to attract more and more women customers, though this fact may not be apparent to normal customers. Spears Canada, for example, is one such popular department store that is largely motivated to attract more women customers. The store has an internal strategy to attract more women customers who frequent the store compared to men. This not only helps the company retain existing women customers but also attract new women and girls to walk into their store.
  2. Homeowners: As per one of the surveys, a female who is also the head of a household is one of the major contributors of the total purchases made at any department store. In fact, 70% of the sales made are contributed by women head of various households. This is why it becomes very important for department stores to have all kinds of household products that are needed to sustain any household. Right from furniture to appliances to lawn mowers to hardware to toiletries, everything is usually purchased at department stores and if your store has all these and more, you can expect more and more homeowners walking in and buying products again and again. Above all women or any homeowner doesn’t like going from one place to another for buying different household products, so they stick with one department store, which has served them well consistently.
  3. Bargain Shoppers: Of course they love department stores. Understand that a bargain shopper not only loves saving his money while shopping but also loves shopping in the process, even if it is at a department store. Smart store owners cash in on this hidden fact by offering more and more discounts and deals every now and then; in turn they come back again and again and bring more customers alongside. The trick here is to offer great deals on the products that are also reliable and not run into losses in the process. One of the most popular ways of doing this has been giving away coupons on different household products or clubbing two or more products together and lowering the net price.

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